Delete Quest

Delete Quest & withdraw remaining rewards.

This function Deletes a given quest and withdraws any remainder ERC20 token rewards left in your Escrow contract that have not yet been claimed by a Player upon milestone completion.

Upon activation of this function, your Quest will be deleted from both your Quest Data contract and the Lens protocol feed.

const {txHash, error, errorMessage } = await newEnvoker.deleteQuest(

Terminate & Withdraw Props

/* The Quest Id to close. If you need to find the Quest Id from the Lens Publication Id, you can call getQuestIdFromPublication from the Helpers functions or call getQuestIdFromLensData directly to the KinoraQuestData contract. */
questId: number;

/* (Optional) Existing Kinora Escrow Contract from a previously  Factory instantiation. */
kinoraEscrowContract?: `0x${string}`;

/* (Optional) Wallet instance for Polygon Network. If you have passed the wallet object to the constructor, it is not necessary here. */
wallet?: ethers.Wallet;

Response Object

/* Transaction hash for Quest deletion. */
txHash?: string;

/* Boolean to indicate whether an error was encountered during termination. */
error: boolean;

/* Message of the encountered error. */
errorMessage?: string;

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