Milestone Eligibility Check

Check Player Milestone Metric Eligibility.

A helper function to verify the Player's on-chain video metrics against a Quest's milestone video metric thresholds.

const {eligible, completed, toComplete, error, errorMessage } = await newDispatch.playerMilestoneEligibilityCheck(

Player Milestone Eligibility Check Props:

/* Player's profile Id. */
playerProfileId: `0x${string}`;

/* Quest Id. */
questId: number;

/* Milestone Id. */
milestone: number;

/* Kinora Quest Data Address. */
kinoraQuestDataAddress: `0x${string}`;

Result Object:

/* A boolean for if the player is eligible or not. */
eligible?: boolean;

/* An array including all completed activity for each video. */
completed?: PlayerVideoActivity[];

/* An array including all to be completed activity for each video. */
toComplete?: PlayerVideoActivity[];

/* Boolean to indicate whether an error was encountered during joining. */
error: boolean;

/* Message of the encountered error. */
errorMessage?: string;

PlayerVideoActivity Object:

/* Player metrics for the included milestone video. */
secondaryCollectOnComment: number;
secondaryCollectOnQuote: number;
secondaryCommentOnQuote: number;
secondaryCommentOnComment: number;
secondaryMirrorOnComment: number;
secondaryMirrorOnQuote: number;
secondaryQuoteOnComment: number;
secondaryQuoteOnQuote: number;
secondaryReactOnQuote: number;
secondaryReactOnComment: number;
hasReacted: boolean;
hasQuoted: boolean;
hasMirrored: boolean;
hasCommented: boolean;
hasBookmarked: boolean;
duration: number;
avd: number;
playCount: number;

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