The KinoraSDK combines on-chain Livepeer videometric logging with decentralized social quests on Lens Protocol.

Players engage with each Quest publication, accruing and claiming ERC20 and ERC721 token rewards as they elevate their videometric scores and fulfil designated milestones.

Every interaction amplifies network engagement and individual progression, refining a player's on-chain reputation, aligning their content, feed, and media interests, and steering them towards heightened autonomy, in real-time.

The SDK delineates three principle segments: Envoker, Dispatch and the Kinora Player Wrapper. Each segment can be used in isolation for greater flexibility in programming Quest deployment and player interaction.

The Envoker class simplifies Quest setup.

It handles deployment and instantiation from the Kinora Contract Suite, publishing to Lens Protocol with integrated Kinora Open Actions and the configuration of milestones, escrowed rewards and token gated participation.

The Dispatch class orchestrates player engagements with Quests, encompassing the joining of quests pursuant to entry conditions, and the accomplishment of milestones to obtain rewards upon satisfying milestone completion requisites.

The Kinora Player Wrapper, a React Function Component, extends the functionality of the Livepeer Player Component to facilitate optionally encrypted videometric logging for a connected Lens Profile.

It empowers personalized on-chain video feeds, links to quest milestone criteria, and grants meticulous control over style properties, callback properties, and instance methods.

These improvements enable deeper media integration, more efficient state management, customized visual layout options, and a direct interface with corresponding Lens Protocol data.

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