Running the Test Suite.

A comprehensive Test Suite for the SDK and Contract Suite is located in the test folder in the root of the project. Before running the tests, you will need to compile the project and set up your environment variables.

Kinora Contract Suite and SDK Test

comment out this part of the KinoraOpenAction contract before running the test suite or an error will throw. It is only a required check once deployed.

  ) {
    revert KinoraErrors.CurrencyNotWhitelisted();

The SDK is being continuously updated to include additional features and configurations, if a contract test is not passing, it could be due to a discrepency in the test suite and the latest SDK version. Please let us know if you find anything!

To run the contract and node Sequence tests, place a valid PRIVATE_KEY in your root .env file to create the signer object for transacting within the hardhat local network.


Run the following in your command line:

npm run test

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